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Aspiration Pump Dominant 50 Mobile
Item # 10001
  The Dominant 50 demonstrates precision and strength combined with powerful suction. Engineered specifically for applications when large quantities of fluid must be suctioned quickly and safely, the Dominant 50 is reliable, vibration-free and virtually noise-free.



  Item # 10303 - 1.5-Liter
Item # 10304 - 2.5-Liter

Shock-resistant polycarbonate. Re-usable. Not autoclavable.


Clampholder, plastic
Item # 10099
  Same size for all canister sizes. Clamps onto aspirator trolley rail. Canister then easily slides onto clamp.


Superflex Ribbed Suction Tubing
Item # 10229
  The superflex tubing is a very flexible, ribbed aspiration tubing that is versatile – it can be used with large and small diameter cannulas. Because of the light weight and
flexibility of the tubing, the surgeon will hardly notice any drag on the cannula. The“inter-lumen” ribs allow for the tubing to be used with even high power aspirators, without fear of the tubing collapsing.


Disposable Suction Liners with Lid

  Item # 10178 - 1.5-Liter liners. 120/cs
Item # 10179 - 2.5-Liter liners. 120/cs

Three layers for durability and odor protection (polyethylene /polyamide/polyester).
Lid with click closure. Integrated overflow protection and bacteria filter.