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Autologous Fat Transfer
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Pelosi Fat Transfer Sets – 16g and 18g

  Ideal for use on naso-labial folds and other areas of the face.

Item # 10091      16g Set
Item # 10092      18g Set

Syringe Rack with Fat

Syringe Racks

Item # 10113        5cc
Item # 10114      10cc
Item # 10116      30cc
Item # 10117      60cc

Fat Transfer Collection Bottles
  Autoclavable. Includes stopper.

Item # 10122      1200cc
Item # 10123      2800cc


Pelosi Fat Collection Bottle  
  The Pelosi Fat Collection Bottle incorporates a hose barb at the bottom of the bottle to enable you to easily drain the infranatant tumescent fluid without disrupting the supranatant aspirate (fat).

1800 cc - Length, 9.75"; widest width (from tip of hose barb to end of handle), 8.5"

1000 cc - Length, 9.25"; widest width (from tip of hose barb to end of handle), 7.0"

Item # 10035 1800 cc bottle
Item # 10096 1000 cc bottle