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High Waist Girdle Above Knee - Contact Closurew/Zipper, Black
  When surgery involves the abdomen area as well as the flanks, buttocks, and thigh area, this garment is an excellent choice. Constructed of premium “Soft-Flex” spandex, the garment’s high-waist design will ensure proper compression and support to patients.


High Waist Girdle Below Knee - Contact Closure
w/Zipper, Black

  Use when surgery involves the area around the abdomen all the way down to the knee region. The high-waist girdle which ends just below the knees provides even compression to the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, and knee regions.


High Waist Girdle Ankle - Contact Closure
w/Zipper, Black

  Excellent for surgeries around the buttocks, flanks, thighs, as well as the knee and calf area, and lower abdomen. Premium grade Soft-flex spandex with soft suede-like
inside, provides excellent compression and increased patient comfort.


Ultra Comfort High-Waist Girdle Above Knee - Hook & Eye w/Zipper Closure, Black
  Ideal for use as post-op garment for patients who have had fat transfer to the buttocks as there is extra material in the buttocks area of the garment to accommodate its newly contoured shape. Also used when surgery involves the abdominal area as well as the flanks, and thigh area. Girdle, 86% PowerNet, and 14% polyamide nylon/spandex. Lining, 96% cotton and 4% spandex. The garment’s high-waist and high-back design will ensure proper compression.


Adjustable Compression Arm Garment
  Constructed of Premium grade Soft-flex spandex with soft, suede-like inside provides excellent compression and patient comfort. Unique adjustable design allows the doctor to adjust the level of compression on the upper arm area.


Male Compression Vest
  During gynecomastia surgery or certain abdominal surgeries, a compression vest is used to provide proper support and compression.


Universal Facial Garment - White
Item # 10153
  An ideal wrap for liposuction of the chin and cheek area. The Universal Facial Wrap includes a 3 ½” soft segmented elastic wrap with contact closure to provide a soft, comfortable, contoured fit on the chin, cheeks, or ears.


Abdominal Binders  
  Designed to provide superior support after abdominoplasty or liposuction, the 9” and the 12” abdominal binders are the preferred choice of cosmetic surgeons. What makes this binder so popular is the plush lined elastic panels as well as a padded side panel to promote patient comfort and consistent, even compression.