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Infiltration Systems
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Surgical Infusion Pump
Item # 10007
  Our Surgical Infusion pump is vibration free, quiet and capable of infusion rates from 20 to 1020 ml/min. The easy load pump head was designed to accept most reusable and disposable infusion tubing available on the market today.


Controllable Infiltration Pump Tubing
Item # 10076
  The Controllable Infiltration Tubing consists of the standard infusion pump tubing and a variable speed, on / off controllable handle. Wait no longer for your reusable handles to be sterilized.


Infiltration Pump Tubing
Item # 10139
  Type: Single use, sterile
Box of 10
Consists of the standard infusion pump tubing.


Repetitive Injection Syringe
Item # 10142
  The Repetitive Injection Syringe is an automatic injection system that allows for rapid injections and automatic refilling of the syringe. Small 1/8 I.D. tubing has been preattached to save time and unnecessary tubing connections being done by office staff.